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You are the owner and trainer of a horse. You enter it into a race and it is ridden by a jockey allocated by the game system. You do not have to be online at the time of the race, but it is fun to watch it race live and cheer it home.


You can select training run options which include track, distance and going (track condition). For now just choose the All default option. This will ensure that each successive run progresses through the distances for you to compare later.

Click the TRAIN button in line with your horse.
Train snapshot

You can select training run options which include track, distance and going (track condition). For now just choose the All default option. This will ensure that each successive run progresses through the distances for you to compare later.


The results will display in this format:

Grid Results

Your primary aim is to just get the horse fit. You want your horse to reach at least 90% to race optimally.

Performance is measured in lengths, being lengths ahead (LA) or behind (LB) the training horse (TH). As you develop your training skills, you will find that you are better able to interpret your training results and lengths. The general rule is that the further your horse beats the training horse by, the better. It is important to note however that the longer the training distance, the greater the lengths margin over the training horse. With time you will learn what length margin to adjust by to narrow down the optimal race distances for each horse.

Your first horse is already fit to race, unless you have already trained it “over the top” - when you train past 100%, its fitness reverts to 50% to start the cycle again.

Horses can be run up to 3 times a day in training runs. However, on the first day of purchasing a new horse from the Sales Ring you will be able to train it to at least 90%.


From the horse details page (click on your horse name to get here), click on the check box next to each product. Alternatively click on the + symbol below the required product on the Stable page.


You will be directed to the Apply Equipment page where the following selections are offered:


Most products enhance a horse’s performance. Blinkers can have a negative impact on some horses. Ignore blinkers for now.

Make sure these are applied:

  • AlumitesAlumites (aluminium racing shoes) expire so you need to make sure that they are on when racing. You can use the multi apply option to automatically replace old shoes. Just make sure you always keep stock though.
  • GeldingGelding (neutering colts). A painful snip but necessary to improve performance. Ouch!
  • VitaminsVitamins boost fitness, not speed. They are a great tool to get a horse fit quickly and have no training gallops left. Be careful though as they increase fitness by 5% to 10% and can push fitness over the top.


Click Enter in line with your horse.

Only races for which your horse is eligible to race in will then display.

Races are displayed according to their start times.

Races also vary by category, distance, track, going and entry fee (if not FREE). Races with entry fees start at 50c and carry prize money.

Maiden races are the starting point in graded racing – it means none of the runners have won a race, denoted “W0” under Conditions.

You can filter the race list or just scroll down the list and select one that you like. If you are racing for FREE, there is no need to be fussy, just pick a race and have some fun. You will learn how to pick races to win.

Race filter

Remember to process your race entry through the basket Basket , even if it is a FREE race. The star denotes that something is in your basket.

Fitness increases by 0% to 4% in each race run.


Your race entry will remain pending until the race closes to entry, either 5 minutes before it runs or when the race has a full field of 14 runners. The entry will then be confirmed and your horse will show in the list of runners.

The race will count down to the start.

You can enjoy watching the race at the time it runs at the Race Track. You can also find your races run under either;

  • My Race Results and click on the race name. Watch the race at your convenience by just clicking the View Race Icon button associated with the race detail, or
  • The race history tab on the horse details page – just click on the horse name to get there.

The race viewer runs on Java as used by thousands of websites and mobile phones. If by chance you do not already have this, you will be prompted to download Java from Sun Microsystems.

Sales Ring

Your first virtual horse is free – it is a 2 year-old male (colt). You can buy more though to establish a rounded stable. The objective is to find good horses capable of winning races over a variety of distances. Each horse has a unique pedigree and preferences. It is your job to assess the caliber of each horse through training and racing.

In the Sales Ring, you choose the horse colour, its name, sex and age; none of which will impact its race performance. For the latter you have choice between a 2 and a3 year old. Newbie stables are best advised to stick with 2 year olds to start with.

Select Horse

You can also claim horses from other owners or buy horses from other owners in auctions. Be careful of sales hype around auctions and claims, but there may be some good deals to be found. Remember though, the next champion would probably not be sold by another owner.

Download the Quick Start Guide PDF

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