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– Refer your Visitors
– They Play on Our Site
– You Earn Commissions!

How it Works
Increase your revenue and maximise the value from your website visitors by introducing your subscribers and visitors to Ladbrokes Raceclubs's Revolutionary Online Horseracing Game!

Our system automatically tracks any customer referrals from your website as well as their deposits spent on Ladbrokes Raceclubs on a monthly basis. This is facilitated by the use of a unique tracking URL which you will code into all text links, banners or buttons on your website.

Joining is FREE

Please follow these simple steps to become a Ladbrokes Raceclubs Affiliate (you can use the navigation buttons above or the "Next" button at the end of this page):

  1. Read through the Commission Structure
  2. Read through the Agreement
  3. Join by submitting your Personal and Website Details
  4. Add your Campaign(s)
  5. A Ladbrokes Raceclubs representative will get back to you
Approval Process
Ladbrokes Raceclubs will review your Application, Website(s) and Campaign(s) and will contact you via email to inform you if your Affiliate Account has been approved.

All websites and campaigns you add at a later stage will also need to be approved by Ladbrokes Raceclubs. The status (pending, approved, active, inactive, rejected) of each website and campaign will be visible once you've logged in.

Once Approved

You will receive an email to confirm the status of your Affiliate Account shortly after submitting your personal details. Please allow 72 hours for approval of Websites and Campaigns per Website.

Once your application has been approved, you will be able to Login through the “Affiliate Login” section and view / update your website details, view / add campaigns, and download marketing material for each Campaign. You will also be able to view your monthly reports from this section.

Start referring your visitors and earn extra revenue!

Please click on the “Next” button to read through the Commission Structures.

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