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{ItemCount} Horses have a pending status. Please pay the stabling fees to activate your horses
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Activate your stable to get a free horse and £7.60 bonus credits
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{AliasName} entered {HorseName} into an Auction {EventTime}
{AliasName} has a new profile picture {EventTime}
{MemberFirstName} who you referred, has created a stable {AliasName} {EventTime}
{AliasName} posted a Review on the {RaceName} {RaceTime} {EventTime}
{AliasName} posted a Preview on the {RaceName} {RaceTime} {EventTime}
Congrats on making your first deposit! Receive a Grade 2 horse when you spend £5.00 cash credits. Receive another Grade 1 horse on your next £5.00 spend up to a maximum of £10.00. Spend on racing, horses or equipment. {EventTime}
{VoucherQuantity} free horse(s) has been allocated to your stable {EventTime}
You have been suspended from {SectionSuspendedFrom} for the period of {SuspensionPeriod}. {EventTime}
Your suspension from {SectionSuspendedFrom} has been removed. {EventTime}
You have been warned for your activity on {SectionSuspendedFrom}. {EventTime}
Welcome to Ladbrokes Raceclubs! Please refer to our Quick Start Guide to get you started {EventTime}
You have successfully changed your password {EventTime}
{AliasName} has a new silk {EventTime}
{FROMAliasName} sent you an Inbox message {EventTime}
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{FROMAliasName} is now following your horse {HorseName} {EventTime}
A News Article ({ThreadSubject}) has been posted in the Forums {EventTime}
{FROMAliasName} has replied to your Forum post {EventTime}
{AliasName} just had his/her first interview on Ladbrokes Raceclubs {EventTime}
Congratulations you have successfuly activated your stable! {EventTime}
You have successfully updated your details. {EventTime}
You have successfully updated your email preferences. {EventTime}
{HorseName} has entered into a Requested Race {EventTime}
{HorseName} could not be entered into RAR because you have insufficient funds. {EventTime}
{HorseName} is now fit from auto training and can race. {EventTime}
{HorseName} has been entered into a Championship Race {EventTime}
{HorseName}'s stabling fees are due. Please activate the horse to be able to remain and race in the Championship Race. {EventTime}
{HorseName} has a claim put on it in this Race {EventTime}
{AliasName} has won the Top Owner of the Month Award By {Award} {EventTime}
{AliasName} has won the Top Owner of the Season Award By {Award} {EventTime}
{HorseName} has won the Top Horse of the Month Award By {Award} {EventTime}
{HorseName} has won the Top Horse of the Season Award By {Award} {EventTime}
Congratulations on reaching 100 Wins! Your stable is now an Advanced Stable {EventTime}
Congratulations on reaching 500 Wins! Your stable is now an Elite Stable. {EventTime}
Congratulations! {AliasName} has reached 1,000 Wins and is now a Master Stable {EventTime}
Congratulations! {AliasName} has reached 2,000 Wins {EventTime}
Congratulations! {AliasName} has reached 3,000 Wins {EventTime}
Congratulations! {AliasName} has reached 4,000 Wins {EventTime}
Congratulations!  {AliasName} has reached 5,000 Wins and is now a Legendary Stable {EventTime}
Congratulations! {AliasName} has reached 6,000 Wins {EventTime}
Congratulations!  {AliasName} has reached 7,000 Wins {EventTime}
Congratulations! {AliasName} has reached 8,000 Wins {EventTime}
Congratulations! {AliasName} has reached 9,000 Wins {EventTime}
Congratulations! {AliasName} has reached 10,000 Wins {EventTime}
Congratulations! {HorseName} has achieved 50 Wins {EventTime}
Congratulations! {HorseName} has achieved 101 Wins {EventTime}
Congratulations! {HorseName} has achieved 150 wins. {EventTime}
{AliasName} is celebrating their anniversary of membership today {EventTime}
{HorseName} is up for sale in this upcoming claiming race {EventTime}

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