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Auto-Train Horses which are fit and ready to race, or which could not be trained according to your Auto-Train settings.
Horses Racing Today The race names and times at which your horses will be racing today.
Horses Raced Yesterday The race names and times at which your horses raced yesterday.
Claimers Horses bought and sold in Claimers yesterday.
Auctions Horses bought and sold in Auctions yesterday.
Alumites About To Expire Horses which have a single set of shoes that will expire in 48 hours time.
Expired Alumites Horses which no longer have shoes available.
No Replacement Alumites Remaining If you have reached your last set of shoes when you have selected to multi-apply shoes.
Stabling Fees Due  Horses which will go pending in 48 hours if stabling fees are unpaid.
Pending Status Horses Horses which went into pending payment status yesterday due to unpaid stabling fees.
Stabling Fees Paid Horses for which stabling fees were paid, or renewed at no cost, yesterday.
Horse Tracker Horses you track that are entered into auctions or claiming races.
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