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Remember to select age 'One' from the dropdown to purchase your yearlings.
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Choose a color
Number of horses
Grade 1 @ £16.25 Cash (No added FREE horses)
For every 5 horses*, you get 1 added FREE
For every 10 horses*, you get 3 added FREE
*Per transaction
Grade 1, 2 or 3 @ £9.75 Cash +
added FREE
Grade 1, 2 or 3 @ £9.75 Bonus Credits
Age   Age Explained
Horse Name
Naming rules - Please keep it clean.
£3.25 Supplementary Fee?, £3.25 now (£65.00 if paid later). Allows a horse to enter a Championship qualifier after it has won it's first race.
Stabling Fee?, automatic monthly deduction of £1.30 starting in 30 days, reduced by £0.33 for each race run, Race 4 times (even for free) and you pay nothing.
Email Reminder, 2 days before stabling fee is due.
Auto-Train, according to default auto train settings.
  • horses(s) including first racing shoes FREE
  • £16.25 
  • £0.00 
    Bonus Credits
  • £0.00 
    Supplementary Fees

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