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Date-Time Race Name Eligibility; Handicap Runners Entry Fee Stakes
Mon, Jul 30, 2007 - 9:00 PM The Derby 3Y C - Gr 1
W1+; QR2+ 14 £0.00 £2,040.00
Raceclubs Cash £2,040.00

Wicked victory for Cozmic Millennium against Meat The Monster & English Striker. Way to go derekw10!

FinDrStableHorse Name
Gr Age
RatingEarningsLbsJR LBW
111derekw10Cozmic MillenniumG1 32M £12,127.34338141106000000120Fabio Valentino60.00
21AML RacingMeat The MonsterG1 32M £7,990.7527911383000000120Charlie Saxon10.69
312bigjohnnywaddEnglish StrikerG1 32M £3,705.762449243501000120Jacques Girard21.08
44Charlie’s yardSuperior ClassG1 32M £3,346.351083911703000120Eric Sun51.46
510Andy Hargie StablesSinndarG1 32M £3,438.141514718000000120Wayne Bailey32.12
68Butlers YardVercingetorixG1 32M £2,902.64101327110000120Heinz Huber42.58
73Team JohanssonLazy smokeG1 32M £7,859.9535413694000000120Victoria Speed132.96
82Muggins RacingKhayaziG1 32M £2,486.7613251161063000120Tom Kerr123.62
99MaxWizParticle PhysicsG1 32M £1,900.37672014210000120Sergio Ramirez74.19
106MrTugEl scorchioG1 32M £2,089.571204627210000120Yasmin Chua104.73
115MrTugEtceteraG1 32M £2,659.55125381521104000120Ronan O’Conor145.19
127Grove Vale StablesStar De MohaisonG1 32M £2,964.201885622000000120Taz Rowley115.50
1314The UndertakerMcSheffchenkoG1 32M £2,054.4011132131363000120Nazir Al-Khalifa85.88
1413Ballydoyle HouseGawainG1 32M £2,589.06671112100000120Pedro Ferreira96.62

Submitted By: Victor Consortio
Congrats Del, 2 seasons for 1 race, He won the 1 you bought him to win..!!!!

Dave, huge run from English, what a star he is, nice 1 mate.

Well done everyone, top race.

Submitted By: MaxWiz
WD Del Stable for sale contact Gav.

All the best,

Submitted By: MrTug
Well done Del boy - great acheivement mate.

Submitted By: bigjohnnywadd
Thanks Justin..I am over the proverbial with that. Well done Del........great run.
Submitted By: BLACK SMOKE
Good run from yours Dave.

Conny bad jock unlucky mate.

The fav won it well.
Submitted By: Team Johansson
Well done Derek, no doubt he deserved it. Congratulations also to Andy with MTM and Dave with ES, well done! // Conny
Submitted By: derekw10
Posting a bit late 4/8/07 forgot to post on here I was to busy writing my review to RC lol.

It is amazing feeling to win the derby I have all ways wanted this race in some ways this is the only one I want to win every season dunno why to me it is just the best race on the cards.

I will be back next season with an underdog but on the day you just never know.

Thank you guys for all your support

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