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Date-Time Race Name Eligibility; Handicap Runners Entry Fee Stakes
Sun, Nov 6, 2005 - 9:24 PM The OUTSIDERS 1000 Stakes WFA 2-7Y C Gr 0Early Bird Race W2+; Age2-60lbs; Age3-20lbs; Age4+20lbs; Age>4+20lbs 14 £11.20 £245.28
 Bonus £0.00

DrStableHorse Name
Gr Age
1The Sovereign StableFrankie FrancisG1 40M 65
2Andy Hargie StablesLa LunaG1 43M 140
3Sheik ArthurToscaG1 41M 105
4Bryan1969Royal ExpressG1 40M 65
5AbaddonSamaelG1 41M 105
6The ClanZeusZG1 45M 140
7Bettys blindersBromo's BellyG1 40M 65
8heinzLe Thargic (FRA)G1 43M 140
9Ken Allan`s StableWolver KanchaG1 43M 140
10MSM StableRtd 84298G1 40M 65
11DebarzKhartoumG1 45M 140
12SAGITARIO_38BalinG1 42M 140
13Dallas1Setanic preditorG1 41M 105
14RobDBahara (UAE)G1 41M 105

Submitted By: MSM Stable
What a race we have here, I think the outsiders will be delighted with the turnout with some real raceclub heavyweights. Balin & Samuel just ooze class and are two of my favourite horses. Then we have the mighty ZuesZ whose record is only second to Kingfisher. La Luna is another fantastic horse especially at 1600m. Also in the mix we have two champion trainers in dallas & Ken and their horses look very solid. Now onto the 2yo's, Royal Express has a big reputation and will be a danger now he's hit form. The 2 others namely Frankie Francis & Bromo's Belly have never raced at this level, so it will be interesting to see how they go. My horse Giant's Causeway leads the 2yo sprint challenge points with 3 wins. And after his good performence in the breeders cup the stable are looking for another big run against his elders.
My predition? Well all I know is we have a fantastic race instore, so may the best horse win. PS : Sorry if i missed your horse out :-)
Submitted By: The Clan
the get minted element has struck as a Non tv race and I would have ZeusZ pushing favouritism as 9/1 is far to big and the horses infront of him in betting rarely get the better of him on his fav C & D and going.His record over C & D and going is 2 2 4 1 2 2 5 1 and alot of them was when he was giving weight.This is a WFA and he IS fit and 9/1 is wrong.
No doubt he will place at least in what looks a good race.
Good Luck to all
Submitted By: Andy Hargie Stables
La Luna has been made fav for this race to my suprise,if the race were over 1600m i would say it could be justified,he is on 99% fitness and got a good draw,i am not saying he can't win because he is quality and can win but not value at his price,i would look for better value if anyone is having a bet,a couple of these colts must have gone over the top going by there prices,Scott is right ZeusZ is great value and should probably be fav along with Wolver Kancha,Balin,Samael and setanic predator are over priced if they are fit,good luck to everyone all the best andy.

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