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Date-Time Race Name Eligibility; Handicap Runners Entry Fee Stakes
Tue, Feb 28, 2012 - 7:24 PM Level Weight 2Y C - Gr2Early Bird Race W1-100 14 £3.10 £49.29
Raceclubs Bonus £12.40

DrStableHorse Name
Gr Age
1Bidston StablesSon Of RodG2 21M 99120
2State Of MindLog On Or Jog OnG2 21M 101120
3Squeaky Clean StableCeltic BaronG2 21M 102120
4PdrRoll Of The DiceG2 21M 100120
5The Winners StablesChristmas BabyG2 21M 100120
6KinglakeRuffioG2 21M 100120
7PartnershipBacara StarG2 21M 99120
8Hodge StablesMissing The PointG2 21M 100120
9Eire StablesInsanity SoarsG2 21M 101120
10Bury New RdWakefieldG2 21M 100120
11BottlebrushCageyG2 21M 99120
12MappenorsStoic GeorgeG2 21M 103120
13Gedgeys Top GunsRtd 357355G2 21M 100120
14African WildsRtd 386903G2 21M 99120

Submitted By: Hodge Stables
Some class horses in this race, cagey, log on to name a couple. MTP
Has had terrible ransoms so must be due something. Race like this is always decided by the randoms
Submitted By: African Wilds
Only 95% fit, car park draw...think you can count me out :(
Submitted By: Gedgeys Top Guns
The betting is too open - an outsider will win this I wouldnt discount anything - not even my wreched thing - Insanity Soars catches the eye 1t 20''s and sorry so does the Canadian at 34/1 regardless of fitness.. Just cos their wide it doesnt mean they wont get the run of the race - admitadlly its harder but its reflected.


1 Son Of Rod 9/2
2 Log On Or Jog On 9/2
4 Roll Of The Dice 9/2
8 Missing The Point 11/2
3 Celtic Baron 6/1
6 Ruffio 13/2
7 Bacara Star 14/1
9 Insanity Soars 20/1
5 Christmas Baby 34/1
14 The Canadian (UK) 34/1
10 Wakefield 38/1
11 Cagey 42/1
12 Stoic George 42/1
13 Pilgrims Progress 68/1
Submitted By: State Of Mind
Get your money on log on or jog on will be hard to beat with everything in his favour just the jockey to worry about , expect him to burst through in the last furlong!

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