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Date-Time Race Name Eligibility; Handicap Runners Entry Fee Stakes
Fri, Jan 20, 2012 - 8:30 PM Sprinters Challenge Qualifier Juvenile F
W1+; Win+2lbs 14 £18.60 £345.34
Raceclubs Cash £124.00

DrStableHorse Name
Gr Age
1Jemchipsa MagicJemchipsa BorgG1 21F 123122
2G1 RacingNew TrickG1 21F 123120
3Squeaky Clean StableToot SweetG1 21F 122122
4Singapore RacingQueen De La SpinG1 21F 123120
5Spolly's ChampsItza BellaG1 21F 124120
6Black DeathRuffian(BD)G1 21F 123120
7GlenlochLa Vision En BleuG1 21F 123120
8Sky Castle StablesCash AdvanceG1 21F 123122
9Designer StudDesigner StardomG1 21F 122120
10GlenlochLa Danse Du CygneG1 21F 123120
11Wrs StablesSilent WhispersG1 21F 123120
12Squeaky Clean StableSweet TootG1 21F 122120
13grazJx MygirlG1 21F 123120
14SteakpieCake DecoratorG1 21F 123120

Submitted By: Paturzo Lodge
Thats a very nice race ive been following a few of these

can some one put the odds up for this challenge race it would be interesting to see with so many good ones in it I cant pick the winner

with all the good ones in this It might be worth entering a couple of which where beaten by this lot

From what ive seen Toot Sweet - Jemchipsa Borg - Cash Advance - Silent Whispers and New Trick look very good chances whislt im not sure of the rest it would be good to watch all these in Final
Submitted By: Spolly's Champs
my biggest pot i have been in just hope i get cs ha.
Submitted By: Designer Stud
Well i know i said i wasnt getting into the challenge series again but have pulled a couple of decent types and thought it would be rude not to give them a spin out. So here hoping for a decent season.

1st Jemchipsa Borg
2nd Ruffian(BD)
3rd Designer Stardom
4th Toot Sweet
Submitted By: Brisflyers
good luck garry and dave mr bd lol
Submitted By: North And South
Dave emailed me Bris and said thanks. (Banned for life of course lol)
Submitted By: Singapore Racing
Mine''s a 1000-1200m horse - just in this for the points. Not likely she will win or even place. Good luck all. K

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