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Date-Time Race Name Eligibility; Handicap Runners Entry Fee Stakes
Wed, Jan 18, 2012 - 8:24 PM Monthly League Challenge Qualifier-2YCEarly Bird Race
W0+; Win+2lbs 14 £18.60 £283.34
Ladbrokes Cash £62.00

DrStableHorse Name
Gr Age
1Chaos Club RacingTizaG1 21M 123120
2Victor ConsortioStreamline BoyG1 21M 123124
3derekw10DezzaG1 21M 123122
4Khl RacingSpeedlimitG1 21M 123122
5Simon EnsomeMr SimonG1 21M 123122
6Eire StablesBook Of KellsG1 21M 123120
7The Free And EasysKing MojoG1 21M 123122
8Bonnybrook FarmOakheart BobbyG1 21M 123120
9The Winners StablesTop SeedG1 21M 123120
10Bury New RdNayr NamdoogG1 21M 123120
11CastleheathStorm ApproachingG1 21M 123122
12Newsham GrangeBrass BillG1 21M 123120
13shotgun_mikeRichie IncognitoG1 21M 123122
14The Free And EasysScript WriterG1 21M 123124

Submitted By: The Free And Easys
i fancy mine so it can qualify for the final
gl all
Submitted By: Redbull Racing
i have a feeling that ladbrokes will not cover this race.(20.07)hrs 17/01/12 date and time posted.
Submitted By: derekw10
Well I''m in the final and it''s come up muddy, but I''ve ran dezza to unfit it''s taken me 7 quallys to get here and the last 3 I knew I never had to enter.

I entered them just in case.

Anyway I''m here now and I''ve bagged the hell out of him but I''ve made it.

If I could do it all again I think i could make it here in 2 final runs, learning to sand bag again it''s been far to long since I''ve done it. Lol
Submitted By: Khl Racing
Not in the Final at all and I guess I need a little miracle if Speedlimit is going to achieve it now, as it''s not only down to his performance but also how others in this field place. It''s been a steep learning curve indeed but also great fun.

Good luck all.

*I want to run in a muddy final too mind.. :D
Submitted By: Jemchipsa Magic
Interesting Odds for this one :

Tiza 13/5
Streamline Boy 22/1
Dezza 66/1
Speedlimit 33/1
Mr Simon 28/1
Book Of Kells 7/2
King Mojo 18/1
Oakheart Bobby 14/1
Top Seed 17/2
Nayr Namdoog 17/2
Storm Approaching24/1
Brass Bill 11/5
Richie Incognito 66/1
Script Writer 70/1
Submitted By: Castleheath
I fancy Book Of Kells to win this ran a good race other night, mine has the slippers on (sore feet ) and couldn''t find the blinkers for him either,just put him in to make the final hoping for fast but it will be muddy for the final so that counts mine out of that :(...Can''t see past dezza for the final on muddy but will still be a cracking final to watch gl all.
Submitted By: Bury New Rd
Had a little dabble on mine @ 15/2 e.w, all the big platers are SB & mine is trying is little nuts off !!
Submitted By: Malthouse Stables
well with your randoms today bury .you a cert pal good luck

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