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Date-Time Race Name Eligibility; Handicap Runners Entry Fee Stakes
Tue, Jan 24, 2012 - 8:36 PM Monthly League Challenge Qualifier-2YFEarly Bird Race
W0+; Win+2lbs 14 £18.60 £283.34
Ladbrokes Cash £62.00

DrStableHorse Name
Gr Age
1Cobra Race FarmAtom ExtremeG1 21F 123122
2Liveoak StablesStorm Cat FeverG1 21F 123120
3Sky Castle StablesWhite SnowflakeG1 21F 123120
4Jsl RacingQueens IndianG1 21F 123122
5Singapore RacingQueen De La SpeedG1 21F 123120
6pkr playerTweedledumG1 21F 125120
7Lonesome DovePrecocious StepsG1 21F 123120
8Paturzo LodgePhillipinesG1 21F 123122
9Murrumba DownsSeri KinabaluG1 21F 123122
10shotgun_mikeGreen SlapinfaceG1 21F 123120
11Singapore RacingQueen De La SpinG1 21F 123122
12PartnershipFilius DiaboliG1 21F 123120
13shotgun_mikeCaptain MunnerlynG1 21F 123120
14pkr playerTweedledeeG1 21F 122120

Submitted By: derekw10
Wow there are a lot of nice 1000 horses about this season then for this to fill up so qucik.
Submitted By: Singapore Racing
Derek, mine is the best 1000m - 1200m horse I have ever had. De La Speed is gonna rip this season up...I hope. :) Problem is, she is not too keen on dirt. So I am sure she will come plum last. K
Submitted By: pkr player
No idea whats needed at 1000 but have that horrible feeling that I''ll see mine at 36 and 55-1 come tuesday!
Submitted By: Paturzo Lodge
My horse is a 1000m, 1200m specialist on Muddy Going

I am putting my last hopes in this girl as my G1s have been absolutley hope less at the track

Philipines Won the maiden conso in early december and likes to lead

doesnt get 1400m and heres hoping for some raceclubs luck or it just maybe quits for me at G1 level

Submitted By: Partnership
For those who care our fillies name translated means ''son of the devil'' nice name if it had been a colt lol :)

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