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Date-Time Race Name Eligibility; Handicap Runners Entry Fee Stakes
Sun, Dec 25, 2011 - 9:06 PM Ladbrokes Monthly Challenge Final-2YFEarly Bird Race
W0+; Win+2lbs; QR1+ 14 £0.00 £620.00
Ladbrokes Cash £620.00

DrStableHorse Name
Gr Age
1shotgun_mikeGuy WhimperG1 21F 123120
2Prime WinnersStars In Her EyesG1 21F 123120
3G1 RacingMission MarsG1 21F 123120
4GarcarYoung LassG1 21F 123124
5shotgun_mikeGreen Bowl Of PooG1 21F 123120
6Colonel SterlingLangkawiG1 21F 123120
7Sky Castle StablesOne Slow CoachG1 21F 123122
8Sky Castle StablesMehr ApfelstrudelG1 21F 123120
9Liveoak StablesPolar PowerG1 21F 123120
10SteakpieTequila CoolerG1 21F 123122
11Sky Castle StablesPure PearlG1 21F 123120
12Munchkin FlyingbyeLady MunchkinG1 21F 123124
13Amber FieldsTop Of The LeaG1 21F 123122
14State Of MindSom Thunder BlitzG1 21F 123120

Submitted By: State Of Mind
lol not only does she stand no chance anyway as she hates 3200 , but shes been drawn 14 , if mine comes anywhere its a miracle
Submitted By: G1 Racing
to much to drink last night, Flipped Mission Mars by mistake, so not hoping for much here.
Submitted By: Amber Fields
Mine dosnt stay 3200 a place at the very very best
Submitted By: Munchkin Flyingbye
hates the ground,no chance,thats why it was allowed to win a few bob befor .gl everyone.
Submitted By: Designer Stud
Good luck Subo. Pmsl

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