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Date-Time Race Name Eligibility; Handicap Runners Entry Fee Stakes
Wed, Nov 30, 2011 - 8:21 PM World Challenge Day 2-7Y C W2+; Age2-60lbs; Age3-20lbs; Age4+20lbs; Age>4+20lbs 14 £12.40 £209.56
Raceclubs Bonus £62.00

DrStableHorse Name
Gr Age
1Dd RacingBendersG1 20M 122100
2Green Bay StableGreen Bay PackerG1 20M 122100
3PdrBlack PresidentG1 24M 125140
4DaztronSir Sam SilverG1 24M 130140
5JockeyHigh CommissionG1 22M 123140
6MaidmentmannorCharging ReactionG1 20M 123100
7Prime WinnersKnockout PunchG1 19M 12360
8The Free And EasysFrench MojoG1 19M 12660
9More The MerrierSmooth SymphonyG1 20M 123100
10Halligan Racing ClubBaracoodahhhG1 20M 122100
11Singapore RacingSir PrizingG1 19M 12360
12Freak OutWillie The PimpG1 21M 125140
13Singapore RacingSir SpectzG1 19M 12360
14The Lads PadKing Of The NorthG1 19M 12160

Submitted By: Singapore Racing
In over my head.
That''s all I am going to say.
GL everyone else. Kev

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